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This Stock Could More Than Triple. Previous Highs Could be in Sight!

Trade: Wednesday, November 7
OTCBB: Pengram Corp.
Stock: PNG_M
Market cost: .055
Target Price: $0.21

This Stock Exploded Today. This Company is a super sub penny that is trading
near bottom!
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Jan 21, 1980

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Internal Audit, Monitoring,Consulting And Investigations Division.
From Mrs. Carman Lapointe-Young,
This is to inform you that I came to Nigeria yesterday from London,after series of complains from the FBI and other Security agencies from Asia, Europe, Oceania, Antarctica,South America and the United States of America respectively, against the Federal Government of Nigeria and the British Government for the rate of scam activities going on in these two nations. You can go through our website http://www.un.org/sg/senstaff_details.asp?smgID=147
I have met with President Dr Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria and some other top concerned banks officials here in Nigeria who claimed that they have been trying their best to make sure you receive your fund in your account.
Right now,as directed by our secretary general Mr.Ban Ki-Moon,We are working in collabo rations with the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and have decided to waive away all your clearance fees/Charges and authorize the Government of Nigeria to effect the payment of your compensation of an amount of (US$10,000,000,00) approved by both the British government and the UN into your account without any delay.The only fee you will pay to confirm your fund in your account,is your Notarization fee to the UN.
get back to us with your banking information,
Full Names:.........................
Direct Number:.....................
Bank Name:.........................
Bank Address:....................
Bank Acct,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Routing Number:...............
Swift Code:........................
Sincerely,you are a lucky person because I have just discovered that some top Nigerian and British Government Officials are interested in your fund and they are working in collaboration with One Mr.Richard Graves from USA to frustrate you and thereafter divert your fund into their personal account.
Since my stay here in Nigeria, i have been holding series of meetings which makes it difficult for me to answer your calls, but you can call my assistant Mr. Sandy Williams who came to Nigeria with me, on the number which I just acquired in Nigeria today: +234-7039451315.
I have a very limited time to stay in Nigeria here so I would like you to urgently respond to this message so that I can advise you on how best to confirm your fund in your account within the next 72 hours.
Reply through this Email address only:
Phone: +234-7039-45-13-15.
Carman L. Lapointe, Under-Secretary-General for Internal Oversight Services
Mrs. Carman Lapointe-Young.
United Nations Under-Secretary-
General for Int ernal Oversight Services.
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